Roessler Mastering Studio, World Wide Online Mastering.

Roessler Mastering is a premier mastering studio based in Germany. We are specialized in online mastering for independent musicians world wide. Our clients include renowned artists, producers & record labels.

Online Mastering.

Our studio is providing online mastering for self financing artists & labels around the world. Simply contact us to plan your next project and upload your final mixes. You will receive your mastered songs to review within 5 business days or faster.

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Mastering Studio.

Our mastering studio is equipped with high end analog & digital gear. This way it forms the perfect hybrid studio. The studio’s control room is acoustically improved. It is custom built for our audio & post production services.

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Audio Engineer.

Roessler Mastering Studio is owned and operated by audio engineer Manuel Roessler. Manuel has been working as a professional engineer for more than 7 years. In this time he has built up a list of clients around the globe.

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Audio Services.

We provide the following audio services in our studio: Mastered for iTunes, Stems, CD Authoring. As well as PQ Edition & preparation for Vinyl duplication. For detailed infos please visit the related audio service pages.

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Preparation for CD Duplication & Pressing.

We are preparing your project for the CD duplication process. Our online mastering services include: Spacing, PQ editing, authoring. As well as adding ISRC and EAN codes, adding fades when necessary, creating Red Book CDR’s or DDP files for the duplication company. Contact us to to plan your project or if you have further questions. You can find more informations about the process on our CD Services page.

Optimization for the Vinyl Cut & Duplication.

Vinyl had a major comeback in the indie music scene in the last years! In order to make your songs sound best we are optimizing your music for the vinyl format. It will give your songs more clarity, punch and improves your mixes for this format. Our vinyl mastering online services include: Setting necessary frequency cuts & volume leveling. As well as spacing and other processing methods. This ensures a smooth vinyl cut. We will guide you through the process and supervise your project. We can recommend duplication companies as well if needed. View detailed infos on our Vinyl Services page.

Mastered for iTunes & Digital Releases.

Our mastering studio is now offering a special service for iTunes (Mastered for iTunes) and digital releases. We are providing high resolution masters in Apple’s AAC format, Flac, Mp3 and more. Mfit improves the songs frequencies, depth and energy on digital platforms. Fans can listen to the music as the artist mastered in the studio. Learn more about it on our Mastered for iTunes page.

Try Our Free 1 Minute Test Master!

Try our online mastering studio for free! We offer every new client a 1 min test master. Hear the changes to your mixes before you book a session. Learn how easy online mastering works. Experience the future of audio services and save time working on your music.

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