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Perfect your Mixes at our Online Mastering Studio with Manuel Roessler

Roessler Mastering Studios are specialists in audio mastering online for CD, vinyl and digital releases. We’ve perfected tracks for musicians, artists, DJ’s, producers and record labels worldwide at our online mastering studio. Our discography includes globally-renowned industry names such as: Grand Agent, Saigon, Oh No, Pete Rock, Hi Tek, Reek Da Villian, Guilty Simpson, Soulspazm Records, El Ritmo Records and many more.

Try our online mastering studio for free. We offer every new client a 1 minute test master. So you can hear the improvement to your mixes before you commit. Upload your track now on our upload page with informations about your project.

Audio Mastering Engineer

mastering engineer
Manuel Roessler is a gifted audio engineer, most known in the hip hop, pop, electro and rock music scene. Having studied sound engineering, he has a complete understanding of pre and post-production processes. With 7 years’ experience as a professional audio engineer, he’s built a reputation as one of Europe’s most brilliant talents.

High End Mastering Studio

mastering studio
Producing quality audio requires more than a bright mind and a good ear, it takes exceptional equipment. Our state-of-the-art audio mastering studio has been acoustically treated to achieve the ultimate sound. We’ll fine-tune your records with precision and clarity, using cutting-edge software, with high-end analog and digital gear.

Online Mastering Service

online mastering
Whether you're in LA, NYC, London or Berlin, it’s never has been easier for record labels, artists and producers to get songs mastered online without attending the studio.
Manuel Roessler is offering a professional online mastering service that’s easy to use, with fast turnaround times of 5 workdays or faster.

How Online Mastering Works?

1. Select what you need – add extras with one click: multiple versions, sequencing, PMCD. Order & proceed payment.
2. Upload your music – to our online mastering studio & receive your masterered version – in as little as 5 workdays.

Audio CD Services

mastered for cd
Top-quality audio mastering online for CD’s. We’ll prepare your album for duplication including fades, spacing, inserting text, ISRC & EAN/UPC codes and sequencing. Select the PMCD (Red Book CD-R) or DDP option in our shop.

Digital & iTunes Services

mastered for itunes
Specialist iTunes and digital service. High resolution audio masters in Apple’s Advanced Audio Encoding format and more. MFiT improves frequencies, depth and energy so listeners experience the music exactly as the artist intended.

Vinyl Services

mastered for vinyl
The LP is back. We can optimise your music for vinyl, giving it more clarity and punch. Service includes setting certain frequency cuts and ensuring everything is in-phase for a smooth vinyl cut. More about Vinyl Mastering Online and iTunes