Online Mastering Studio for independent artists.

Roessler Mastering Studio is providing High End Online Mastering Services for indie and major artists. We are specialized in audio mastering services for CD, Vinyl and Digital releases. We have mastered songs world wide for artists, producers and record labels. Our clients include renowned names in the music industry such as: Sean Price, Oh No, Hi Tek, Blown Celeb and many more. View more on our clients page.

Audio Mastering Studio

Producing audio requires more than a bright mind and a good ear. It takes hi-end equipment! Our audio mastering studio has been built to achieve the best sound. We’ll fine-tune your records with precision and clarity.

At Roessler Mastering Studio we are using cutting-edge software. High-end analog and digital gear. Read more about our studio.

Online Mastering Services

Whether you’re in LA, NYC, London or Berlin! It has never has been easier for record labels and artists to get their songs mastered. No need to attend the mastering studio anymore. Contact us and get started.

Manuel Roessler is offering an online mastering service that’s easy to use. At our studio we have turnaround times of 5 workdays.

Engineer Manuel Roessler

Manuel Roessler is a gifted audio engineer. He is known in the hip hop, pop, electro and rock music scene. Having studied sound engineering, he has a complete knowledge of pre and post-production.

While working 7 years as an audio engineer. He’s built a name as a creative and experienced engineer.

How does online mastering work?

Visit our mastering studio’s pricing page. There you will get an overview of our rates and extras.

Contact us with detailed informations of your project such as: amount of songs, needed extras, release type (CD, Vinyl or iTunes). We will get back to you with an individual offer.

We then will discuss your project in detail.

Now upload your songs on our upload page. Our engineer will receive and check your files. You will receive your mastered version in as little as 5 workdays. Take your time listening to the songs and give us us some feedback.

Before uploading the songs for online mastering please visit our prep page. There you can find a detailed guide on how to prepare your files.

Contact us and we are glad to help you.

1 Min Test Master

Try our online mastering studio for free. We offer every new client a test master. So you can hear the changes to your mixes.

Upload your song on our upload page.

Upload Now

We offer top-quality online mastering for CD’s. We’ll prepare your album for duplication including:

Fades, spacing, CD text and ISRC codes. We also offer PMCD’s (Red Book CD-R) or DDP files.

Specialist iTunes and digital service. High resolution masters in Apple’s AAC format and more. MFiT improves the freq, depth and energy. Listeners experience the music as the artist intended.

It’s official – the LP is back. We are optimizing your music for the vinyl format. Giving it more clarity and punch. Our online mastering services include: Setting certain freq cuts. Volume leveling for a smooth vinyl cut.

  • CD Releases 100%
  • Vinyl Releases 100%
  • iTunes and Digital Releases 100%

What our clients say about Roessler Mastering Studio:

For all you artists out there looking to get your music mastered at a reasonable price! Hit up Manuel Roessler.

He mastered a couple of my projects! I can say that it’s up there with some of the biggest Masters in the Industry. Trust me, I’ve worked with the biggest in the game.

Dizzy Dustin (Ugly Duckling)

It sounds amazing! Better than I could have hoped for. Thank you so much for all of your work. I have three more tapes almost ready to go! I will, without question, be bringing them to you.
I truly appreciate your promptness and work. You helped me turn something I love into a real record! It sounds phenomenal.


Holly sh…!! Sounds excellent! I really like what you did with the master. Oh and just some feedback: Our last 2 projects were mastered at S….. and The M….. respectively (both mastering studios in New York, USA).
Now I am sound critical! I love your master better than what I received form both those locations. I like what you do.

Dj Ray (Big Willie Dynamite)

online mastering studioStay up to date with roessler mastering studio and our services.

Every 3 months we send out our studio news with online mastering offers. Infos about our projects, clients and the roessler mastering studio.

For news of our audio mastering studio please visit our blog. In our blog we will keep you updated about: Reviews, gear and tipps.

From time to time we send out special offers. Giving a great discount on our rates.

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